Job Descriptions

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The Accounting and Auditing sector encompasses a broad range of activities, including bookkeeping (for businesses and private individuals), administrative and... Read more
The administration sector encompasses all of the financial and organizational processes and activities involved in running a business or other... Read more
The agricultural jobs market includes jobs connected with plant and animal production, silviculture (i.e. the growing and cultivation of... Read more
The Arts and Fashion industry encompasses all professionals involved in the design or conception and the creation of art products... Read more
The construction industry encompasses a wide range of professions and trades involved in the building, remodelling, redevelopment and maintenance of... Read more
Customer Service is a very important part of many companies and businesses.Any company that sells a product or provides... Read more
The Design and Architecture sectors comprise a wide range of professions, all of which involve in some way conceptualizing and... Read more
The Education and Training sector encompasses all those professions that deal with the education of children and adults and the... Read more
Engineering is the application of scientific and technical knowledge and expertise - including calculations, analysis and design - to produce... Read more
Encompassing a range of professional activities related to financial operations of all kinds, the Financial sector includes service-related activities such... Read more
The Healthcare sector encompasses all those professions involved in promoting and maintaining people’s physical and mental health. Healthcare industry professionals... Read more
The Human Resources (or HR) sector encompasses all those professions involved in managing the personnel of a company or organization... Read more
The Insurance industry encompasses a wide variety of insurance types - such as life and health insurance, motor insurance, property... Read more
The information technology sector (or IT sector) encompasses a wide range of professionals who work with information and communication technologies... Read more
The legal industry encompasses all of those professions connected with the law and the legal system, such as lawyers, judges... Read more
The Manufacturing and Industrial sector encompasses all of those activities in which goods are produced using industrial production or manufacturing... Read more
Marketing is the set of activities that a company or organization carries out in order to satisfy the needs and... Read more
The Mechanical industry encompasses a range of professions connected with the design, installation, operation and maintenance of mechanical systems, machinery... Read more
The Media and Publishing industry encompasses all the professions involved in the production and distribution of information through the mass... Read more
The Chemical and Pharmaceutical industries encompass all of the activities involved in or necessary for the processing or transformation of... Read more
The real estate industry is the sector of economic activity revolving around the property (or real estate) market. It encompasses... Read more
The Food Service industry encompasses all those professions involved in preparing food and serving it to the general public. It... Read more
The Retail industry is a key area of the economy, involving the sale of goods to end users. Retailers -... Read more
The Safety and Security industries encompass a wide range of professions responsible for protecting people and property, preventing crimes and... Read more
The term ‘sales’ describes the process by which businesses engage with potential customers for their products and services, inform them... Read more
The Science industry encompasses a variety of disciplines, including STEM subjects such as mathematics, physics, chemistry and biology, but also... Read more
The Service sector encompasses a wide range of business activities that meet people’s needs. It includes people who provide domestic... Read more
Skilled workers and artisans are professionals who design and make things, or who install, maintain and repair things, using their... Read more
The Social Services sector encompasses a range of professions involved in social work and social care activities. This includes the... Read more
The Tourist and Hospitality industry encompasses a vast range of business activities whose primary goal is to satisfy the needs... Read more
The Logistics and Transport sector is a broad and varied sector. It encompasses specialist passenger and goods transport companies operating... Read more