Tyre Fitter Job Description - Duties, Skills and Career Path

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Tyre Fitter Job Description

Tyre Fitter job description

A tyre fitter is a person who specializes in the repair, maintenance and replacement of vehicle tyres (e.g. for cars, motorbikes, vans, trucks, agricultural vehicles, buses and coaches). Tyre fitters may also be responsible for selling tyres.

Let’s take a detailed look at what the job of a tyre fitter involves.

Tyre fitters typically work at auto repair shops, garages and tyre fitting centres.

Their tasks include checking and adjusting vehicle tyres and wheels using electronic equipment (e.g. tyre pressure and wheel alignment, balancing and rotation), performing vehicle diagnostics and repairs and fitting new tyres in accordance with the manufacturer’s specifications and the relevant vehicle repair standards.

A good tyre fitter also needs to be able to explain to customers the repairs necessary to restore their vehicle to proper working condition, illustrate the characteristics of the various types of tyre available and advise on the best solutions for customers’ requirements. Tyre fitters may also be responsible for selling tyres and other accessories, such as alloy wheels, snow chains and maintenance accessories.

Tyre Fitter skills and competencies

Tyre fitters provide a range of essential services to their customers, who typically include businesses that own fleets of vehicles that cover long distances.

Services include regular tyre check-ups, tyre repairs and seasonal tyre swaps (e.g. when motorists switch from summer to winter tyres and vice versa).

In order to ensure optimal vehicle functioning and driver safety and comfort, a vehicle’s tyres must be in good condition and meet the required standards of roadworthiness. Poorly fitted or worn tyres can lead to serious damage and/or accidents and can jeopardize the safety of the vehicle’s driver as well as that of other road users.

Tyre fitters work at tyre fitting centres, garages, MOT test centres and car dealership service centres. They may also be employed as tyre sales assistants at specialist tyre retailers.

The working hours of a tyre fitter usually coincide with the opening hours of the garage or auto centre in which they are employed.

Another option is to work for a company that manufactures and sells tyres. Here, a tyre fitter might, for example, work as a tyre warehouse operative, handling the flow and storage of tyres in the warehouse and preparing outbound orders.

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Tyre Fitter Responsibilities and Tasks

Tyre Fitter tasks and responsibilities

A tyre fitter’s tasks typically include:

  • Repairing, replacing and fitting vehicle tyres
  • Performing seasonal tyre changeovers
  • Selling car, motorbike and general vehicle tyres
  • Performing tyre diagnostics (e.g. checking tyre condition, pressure and tread depth)
  • Checking and adjusting wheel balance, alignment and rotation
  • Inflating vehicle tyres
  • Helping customers to choose products that meet their requirements
  • Preparing quotes and invoices
  • Ensuring work areas and tools are kept tidy and in good working order

How to Become a Tyre Fitter

How to become Tyre Fitter - Training

Tyre fitters ideally require a high school diploma or equivalent qualification, preferably with a technical or mechanical focus. Subsequently, they can complete their training by learning the key skills of tyre sales, repair and replacement at a course for professional tyre fitters.

Tyre fitters need a range of skills and expertise, including a knowledge of electromechanics, an understanding of the regulations regarding motor vehicles and vehicle safety inspections and the ability to use auto repair shop tools and equipment (e.g. car jacks, tyre change tools and diagnostics systems).

Classroom training needs to be backed up practical on-the-job experience replacing, repairing and maintaining vehicle tyres - for example as an apprentice or trainee tyre fitter at an auto repair shop or garage.

Once they have completed their initial training, it is important for tyre fitters to regularly update their knowledge by attending refresher courses, where they can learn the latest technological developments in the automotive industry.

Tyre Fitter Skills and Qualifications

Tyre fitters need the following skills:

  • Knowledge of mechanics, electrical and electronic systems and tyre technology
  • Manual dexterity, precision and accuracy
  • Ability to provide vehicle maintenance and technical support services without supervision
  • Strength and physical stamina
  • Time management and planning skills
  • Problem-solving skills
  • Client-focused mentality
  • Ability to work as part of a team

Career Path

Tyre Fitter career path

Tyre fitters working in larger auto repair shops, garages or tyre fitting centres, who demonstrate expertise, reliability and the ability to work without supervision may progress to positions such as foreman or department supervisor, where their responsibilities are likely to include managing tyre repair and fitting operations, coordinating the work of other staff and interacting with the repair shop manager or garage manager and with customers.

Alternatively, they may choose to expand their knowledge of car mechanics and become an expert mechanic and tyre fitter, dealing with all their customers’ vehicle service needs in an efficient and professional manner.

Finally, the most interesting - not to mention financially rewarding - career option for a tyre fitter is to open their own independent or franchise tyre-fitting business.

Top Reasons to Work as a Tyre Fitter

A job as a tyre fitter in a tyre fitting centre garage or auto repair shop is an ideal position for anybody with a passion for car repairs, who enjoys the idea of getting their hands dirty in an environment that fosters team spirit and teamwork.The skills and knowledge of a tyre fitter (e.g. vehicle diagnostics and safety inspection, wheel alignment and tyre repair and replacement) make an important contribution towards the safety of all road users, by ensuring that vehicles are roadworthy and in good working order.

Other attractions of the job include an abundance of employment opportunities, with auto repair shops, garages and car dealerships all constantly on the look-out for qualified staff that can offer their customers a high quality professional tyre service.

Finally, those with entrepreneurial ambitions can choose to open their own tyre fitting business. The competition might well be tough, but there is no shortage of vehicles needing to change or repair their tyres or indeed - in colder climates - requiring a seasonal tyre swap.

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