The Administration Industry: Jobs, Skills, Trends and Job Outlook

Administration industry jobs and careers

The administration sector encompasses all of the financial and organizational processes and activities involved in running a business or other organization. Administrative activities are performed by a wide range of professionals, including those whose job is to keep an office running smoothly and efficiently - e.g. secretaries, administrative assistants, receptionists, payroll operatives, data entry clerks, office managers - but also the various functionaries, managers, directors and board members who are responsible for the overall running of a business.

People working in administration may carry out a range of different tasks, depending on their role in the organization. They may, for instance, be responsible for data entry, preparing business correspondence, or for managing and filing company documents. Others may be responsible for performing one or more of the vast range of bureaucratic and administrative tasks involved in running a business, such as handling relations with clients and suppliers or administering human resources (e.g. in payroll and benefits). Others still may be involved in preparing a company’s accounts or its financial statements.

Finally, people holding managerial positions in the administration department of a company may be responsible for its administrative and accounting processes, its management controls and its financial reporting systems.

The educational and training requirements for a job in the administration industry vary widely depending on the position. For entry-level positions, some form of school-leaving qualification may be sufficient, while for managerial roles, a bachelor’s degree (for example in Economics, Law or Political Science) or master’s degree is likely to be required, as well as extensive knowledge of the sector the company operates in.

What types of businesses operate in the Administration industry?

Companies hiring in the Administration industry

Administration is a key area for organizations and businesses of every type, from the smallest business to the biggest multinational, as well as for public sector bodies and non-profit organizations.

Consulting firms also employ specialists in various aspects of business administration and management and financial control.

Companies hiring in the Administration sector:

Administration Industry - Trends and Job Outlook

Administration industry trends and job outlook

While there may be some differences between the various areas of the private and public sector, there are some general employment trends that regard the whole of the Administration industry.

First of all, new technological developments are affecting the way in which information is being handled.Digital archiving, big data and office automation applications, to name just a few, are all helping to make the management of administrative data and processes quicker, cheaper, more efficient and less human resource-intensive than before. A consequence of this is that we are seeing a fall in the number of job vacancies for general administrative positions, coupled with a rise in the demand for specialists and experts in IT and digital technologies.

At the same time, given the growing complexity and the globalization of the economy, companies are increasingly in need of skilled, qualified administrative personnel who can help them coordinate their administrative processes and manage their financial and accounting data.

What skills are required in the Administration sector?

Administration - skills and qualifications

In addition to the role-specific skills required to work in administration, there are also a number of transversal competences that everybody needs - from administrative assistants and secretaries right through to financial controllers and top managers.

Organizational and planning skills

All Administration professionals need to be able to multitask effectively, accurately process huge amounts of information, and make the best possible use of the available time in their busy schedules. For this reason, strong organizational skills are a must, regardless of role or position. Another essential skill required by all administrative workers is forward-planning, to ensure that any administrative, financial or tax activities for which they may be responsible are completed by the relevant deadlines or due dates.

Communication skills

People who work in administration are in constant contact with their colleagues and managers, as well as with other company departments, clients and suppliers. It is therefore essential that they possess strong verbal and written communication skills to ensure they can effectively and appropriately communicate in a clear and professional manner with a range of different people.

IT skills

From innovative management applications for administrative offices to electronic document archiving systems, technology is increasingly being used to manage administrative processes. Strong IT skills will enable administrative workers to make the most of these new digital tools to improve their efficiency and competitivity.

Administration - Job Descriptions

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