Flyer Distributor Job Description - Definition, Skills and Duties

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What Does a Flyer Distributor Do?

Flyer Distributor job description

A flyer distributor is responsible for the distribution of flyers, leaflets, coupons and other marketing and promotional material.

Flyer distribution, also known as leafleting, may be carried out in a public place, e.g. in front of a shop, at a stand in a shopping centre, at a trade exhibition or other event, as well as in the streets or other public space or thoroughfare (e.g. a railway station or a square). In this case, the material is delivered directly to members of the general public (hand-to-hand flyer distribution). An alternative form of flyer distribution involves the delivery of flyers and leaflets to private homes and residences (door-to-door flyer distribution), in which case distributors are often assigned a specific delivery area. Door-to-door distribution may involve, for example, delivering leaflets, flyers, catalogues, and brochures to private homes, handing out posters and flyers to shops and businesses, leaving promotional material in waiting rooms and pinning up material on public notice boards.

Flyer distribution is one of the earliest forms of advertising. An example of direct marketing, it has managed to survive the technological revolution thanks to its ability to reach large numbers of people at a low cost. This explains why it continues to be widely used as a form of local marketing in practically every sector, including fashion, real estate, automotive, politics, events organization, and the restaurants and hospitality sector.

Flyer Distributor skills and competencies

Flyer distributors may work alone, or else in groups coordinated by a team leader, who is responsible for organizing the work of the team to ensure maximum effectiveness.

In some cases, before beginning their leafleting rounds, workers are briefed on the company, event, product or services that are being marketed, particularly where the job involves direct contact with members of the public. No other specific training is required.

Flyer distribution is a job involving long periods of time standing and/or walking, so good physical fitness is a requirement.

Distributors are often hired on a part-time basis for just a few hours a day or else for a limited period of time (e.g. a weekend, or a specific number of days or weeks), as flyer distribution is very often connected with a specific offer or event, such as the opening of a new bar or shop, a trade fair, an exhibition, a political or charity event, a theatre show, or the start of seasonal sales.

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Flyer Distributor Duties and Responsibilities

Flyer Distributor tasks and responsibilities

The main duties of a flyer distributor are:

  • Door-to-door delivery of flyers to private homes in assigned areas
  • Hand-to-hand distribution of flyers in public places with a high footfall

Flyer distributors are required to deliver all the promotional material they have been given. For hand-to-hand flyer distribution, workers need to be able to exchange polite greetings with the passers-by they interact with and also to provide potential customers with information regarding the initiative, event or products being promoted.

Flyer Distributor - Requirements

How to become Flyer Distributor - Training

No specific training or education is required to work as a flyer distributor. Some job adverts may require candidates to have a knowledge of foreign languages (e.g. if the target audience is tourists or foreign customers), or be able to reach the flyer distribution areas using their own means of transport.

Flyer Distributor Skills

The qualities most commonly required in a flyer distributor include:

  • Energy and enthusiasm
  • Hard-working, professional and punctual
  • Good communication skills for engaging with potential customers
  • Good physical fitness

Flyer Distributor Career Path

Flyer Distributor career path

Capable and talented flyer distributors may be promoted to the position of team leader, where they will be responsible for coordinating flyer distribution teams.

Subsequently, they may use the communications and interpersonal skills acquired in the field to start a career in marketing, events promotion, hostessing at trade fairs and conferences or sales.

Top Reasons to Work as a Flyer Distributor

The opportunity to work flexible hours, on a part-time or casual (daily or hourly) basis, coupled with the lack of entry requirements are among the main reasons for which people look for flyer distribution work. In addition to being a good way of earning money with relatively little effort, flyer distribution also has the added appeal of involving direct contact with people.

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